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I run!

Yesterday I ran my third 10k for this year and by far my worst performance, timed 65 minutes. It was my first night run and the weather was hot and humid, there was a time when I also thought of quitting the run and head back home.

Auroville Happened

All we want is to be successful and appreciated in our field, be it corporate, arts or sports. I have been working for a little more than 9 years and my only aim was to do better (by “better” I mean improving myself as compared to previous years) in my field.

Turkish Delights

Honestly, I didn’t know much about Turkey until I landed in Istanbul. From the airport I took the bus to Taksim where I had initially booked my accommodation.

Learnings from a storm

Recently i was in Amsterdam and the weather forecast during that week showed heavy rain with wind. Considering it were my initial days in the city I ventured out for a walk in the the neighborhood.

Goa Gratitude

Beach is my calling. So I booked my tickets to Goa for the long weekend. I reached on Friday morning and got off at Thivim railway station, it took me around 30 minutes to reach Ashvem.

Year Gone By!

Explored new cities and towns, took my first solo trip, met some amazing people and made few friends. Overall, it’s been a year of content. Reflecting back, I felt like penning down few things, that travel taught me.