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Bringing "Focus" Back!

It all started as a conversation part of my podcast episode, where Tina Muir mentioned she had read a book named “Stolen Focus” by Johann Hari.

Beyond Virality: Building Lasting Skills and Behaviors

We are living in a world marked by the fleeting allure of virality. Today’s trend of endless scrolling and plethora of options is making us restless, anxious and in continuous FOMO.

Demystifying High Performing Teams

What makes a dream team? Do successful teams come up with better outcomes because they like each other, or do they perform well together and thus they like each other?

More than a Buzzword: The Power of Collaboration

Collaboration is an overused and underutilized verb. Collaboration sometimes feels like one of our grandma’s recipes which had a secret sauce and what was the secret?

Community has Benefits!

*(Cover image:* The power of community is undervalued, while the desire to be included in a “club” is overvalued. Humans constantly focus on the value of services which we pay for and undervalue the natural abundance.

Do we need communities?!

No matter how many apps we download, scroll through the bottomless search, and laugh our hearts out at the memes or reels, human connections will never be replaced by an app or an algorithm.